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Pitch Pans

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Pitch pans are used in various applications to seal the feet of roof mounted equipment and signage to your low-slope roof Call us for more information.

Pitch Pans for Roof-top Equipment:

Pitch pans are a type of flashing, usually made from metal or long-life plastic, that are used to seal roof penetrations. They are also often called pitch pockets because they create a resavoir around the penetration that is then filled with a fluid sealant to ensure a leak proof seal. Pitch pockets/pans are usually used for roof-top equipment, like HVAC units, pipes and signs that are mounted on a low-slope roof. Pitch pans are used for items that are mounted into the structure of the building, but the legs extend through the roof membrane so that items can be securely mounted onto the roof.

Roof System Integration:

Pitch pans should always be devised by professional roofer to ensure that they will work flawlessly with the roof system being installed or repaired.

Pitch Pocket Leaks:

Leaks may occur at pitch pocket locations due to breakdown of the material used to flood the pocket. As this material ages, the sun can damage the material and cracks begin to develop. This leads to an opportunity for water to penetrate the roof and run into the building. Leak repairs in these areas are generally a simple process, but with large rooftop equipment there can be many pitch pans to repair.

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